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Hello dear LJ friends!

I'm afraid I've been terribly unfaithful to LJ. See, I went to search for a book review on here. I knew I'd reviewed it, but I couldn't find my review. In a haze of disloyalty, I imported all of my book reviews from here into my Wordpress blog - it's got a category BR in the right hand column where you can find all my old book reviews in order, and you can use the search box in the right hand column to search for any book title or author and actually find them. The archive goes back to 2005!

I didn't delete them from here, but it just seemed like the right thing to do.

In other news, I've recently posted ...

Be careful! Decimated (there are a fair few comments on here!)
Marinade or marinate? (surprised me!)
Small business chat with Pat who makes gifts
Small business chat update with Tammy the editor
Ten Lessons I Learned When Writing my Book - what happened when I switched to the writer side from the editor side?

Book reviews:
Wessex Tales and Hands Up
Frances Partridge and Three Letters from the Andes
Two by Barbara Pym

And I've updated my index of small business interviews to celebrate doing my SEVENTY-FIFTH interview and to make it simpler to navigate.


Update on the blogs etc.

Oh dear, I have been very lax with my LJ. In fact I feel I should import all my book reviews into my Wordpress account, as I have just found it impossible to search for a particular book again in here. Not to delete from here, but just to make them searchable!

So, I have been updating word, business and small business posts on here: and there are lots of new book reviews and book confessions here: including a page with info and all the worldwide Amazon links for my new book about being self-employed.

Off to try to just pick one category to import now ...

Wish me luck!

More blog posts (lots of reading!)

Hi all, hope you're well. I've come through a difficult start to the year and had a lovely holiday with Matthew in Paignton which has restored us mentally and physically.  Here's what I've been up to on my blogs ...

Book reviews!

round up on the Month of Re-Reading
comfort reading amongst others
two lends, a LibraryThing review copy and a re-read
three I was ambivalent about
three of us read this one
state of the TBR for March
all by authors I've read before
more holiday reads and some acquisitions

Other book stuff:

progress on the new book I'm writing
and its companion piece, on being edited
not fishing for compliments but worrying about my stats

Small business interviews and updates

steampunk rapper Paul Alborough
Zumba lady Mel Carpenter
update for Charles Davis
update for Liz Light
update for Dick Margulis
update for Al Hunter

Word tips

adding page numbers to a document (1)
adding page numbers to a document (2)

Troublesome Pairs

pacific or specific
bated or baited

Update on blog posts (2)

In case LJ thought I was a spammer with too many links ...

The Libro Full Time / Book Review blog: - top 12 for 2012

Progress in the Month of Re-Reading: - but did I read them all in the end? two old friends George Eliot and a mistake LibraryThing review book and Hardy kids' lit, Heyer and non-fic

Scary state of the TBR: in February

Do share, comment and like as much as you can - I like to have some back and forth on these posts!! See my slightly older post here for what's been going on on the Libro blog ..

Update on blog posts

Oh my goodness - I haven't posted on here in aaaaages!

Here are some highlights from my blogs ...

The Libroediting blog:

Word etc hints: How to highlight text in a Word document (and a bit of a rant) freezing rows and columns in Excel

Small biz interviews: Shelly makes lovely cards Update on Alison from Purpledognet Update on Bob from YouCaxton Victoria and her bags Leigh-Ann and her jewellery

Troublesome pairs: zeros or zeroes?

Hope you enjoy - and do comment on the posts if you do or have something to say!


Catching up on the blog posts

Hello everyone, how are you all? I do read your entries on here. I've had a more busy week at work this week, which is great except I feel a bit guilty because Matthew has had time off work and I've been busy busy busy!

Anyway, let's catch you up on what's been going on in Liz / Libro land ... Oh, but when I go to turn these into links it won't let me, so I hope it works, or you may have to copy and paste - sorry!

Book reviews:
Some reads and a DNF:
Two Viragoes and another DNF:
State of the TBR:
State of the TBR for December
Business stuff:
News on my anti-cholesterol e-book including a nice comment from a heart charity
Passive income - what it is and how I'm getting it

Troublesome Pairs:
Homonym, homophone or homograph?
Annex or annexe?
Invite or invitation?
Ocular or oscular?
Word tips:
Bullet points - both how to set up and customise them and how to do the grammar and punctuation
Small business interviews:
Nicole Adams, our first Antipodean!
... and updates:
Zoe Austin (this was a lovely one)
Sharon's doing well

Blog roundup

Crikey! Looks like I haven't done one of these for a month - how remiss of me! Here's what's been going on in Libro, self-employment and reading land for the past month ...

On the Libro blog:

Troublesome pairs: ocular or oscular  waist or waste 
Word tips: Changing the language in Word comment boxes  the line space button  customising comment boxes  and working with Track Changes 
Other posts: On academic writing 
Small business chats: a proofreader
Small business updates: Jules Thomas and Maxine Johnston are both doing well, as are Nathan and Andy Helen McPherson and Simon Forder have had some challenges 

On the Libro Full Time blog

Book reviews:
A series on what the well-dressed (or not) homeworker is wearing, which got some great comments:
A post on Being Slummocky

Blog roundup

Hello everyone!

An active couple of weeks of blogging and some really popular posts thanks to some sharing by friends leading some to get picked up by other websites.

On the main Libro blog:

An explanation of the two blogs and how they work:

On Track Changes in Word and on customising Track Changes (this one has been wildly popular!)

Troublesome trio: alternate / alternating / alternative and troublesome pairs bizarre / bazaar and mandrel / mandrill

Small business chat update

On the Libro full time blog:

On being ill and being a freelancer

Really important stuff some women are doing around women and alcohol

State of the TBR for October

Book reviews: one lot ...

and another lot!

Now, do you like getting these digests or roundups or would you prefer to get alerts one by one? Which of my categories of blog post do you like best?
Hello everyone!

Another round-up of my busy blogs this week ...

On the Libro blog, Top Ten Tips for Freelancers   - a companion piece to last week's on working with freelancers

Small business update with Andrew Donnelly, who does clever things with Apps, but is doing WELL, which is the point

Over on the Libro Full Time blog, I've beefed up my "About" page, which now hopefully explains how this blog works a bit better: I want to get across the idea that it's my personal blog, which started off being about going full time but, thanks to going full time, has blossomed into book reviews and posts about the e-book I've written on lowering your cholesterol. I have also migrated my Iris Murdoch project posts over here, as they seem to fit better with the stuff I do in my spare time rather than the business / small business / language fodder of the main Libro blog.

So here's the About page
and you will also see that I've added a page about the IM project and one about my e-book, as well as categories for both.

And then a few updates:

My experience of the Iris Murdoch Conference:

A new range of low-fat cakes developed just for me (but on general sale soon!)

Book reviews!

More blog posts ...

Hello all,

Some more blog posts ...

Judgement or judgment - just a matter of US/UK spellings or something more ... ?

Small business chat update with Leila Rasheed

Those Back To School feelings


Sep. 12th, 2012

Hello all!

New blog posts over on the Libroediting main blog:

Top 10 tips for working with freelancers

A Troublesome Pair that I really liked doing

... and a less thrilling, but useful one

Small biz chat with Yvonne, who makes CAKES

And from the Librofulltime blog, reviews of the rest of the books I read on holiday

Blog posts galore!

Oops - I have totally forgotten to update on here with my latest blog posts. So here you go ...

Troublesome pairs - Unmeasurable or immeasurable cite, site or sight and whether or weather

Small business chat updates - Matt Welvaert and Nigel Grant

Word help - full dialogue boxes (aka "what's that funny arrow, Liz??")

And in booky stuff, my TBR this month!

Enjoy - or just go to and for all the latest posts!

New Libro blog post

All you ever wanted to know about AutoFormat in Word


New small business chat

A new small business chat with Jane Badger, purveyor of fine pony books and over on the more personal blog, my August tbr

New Libro post on website statistics

Really pleased with how this blog post on website/blog statistics has turned out!


My Olympic adventure

A great big photo story over on the Libro Fulltime blog. My Olympic adventure blogged with pics (you can click on them to enlarge them)


A new business interview and a new book!

Two bits of news for my steadfast LiveJournal friends ...

Another update on one of last year's small business interviews ...

And ... I've finally published my cholesterol beating diet and exercise guide on Amazon - see the book's page here, please "Like" it if you can, and if you want to tell people about it, I'd be thrilled. All tried and tested info that has got more than one person's cholesterol levels down without the use of statins ...

Happy Birthday, Libro!

Libro is three today - and I chose a special way to celebrate!


One Libro post, one book review post ...

An interview with my lovely personal trainer, Marvin:

And three more reviews from my Month of Rereading:

Small biz chat update / book review

I've rather naughtily posted two blog posts today ... one on each blog!

An update on Alison Neale's small business progress:

A review of a new pony book (not a re-read!):


Book reviews

Two more from my month of rereading, including a surprise in a pony book and a very sweet competition from the 1960s

New Freelancer chat interview

My new Freelancer Chat interview with Sally from Write Sense Media - another editor, but not a competitor, just another colleague!


New Libro small biz chat update

Has it really been a year? New Saturday business chat UPDATE with Dave Bradburn from Opus Creative

I'm not entirely sure I've posted an update on here every time I've done a blog post, so do look at and to make sure you haven't missed anything!


A new blog post: on mutual support

I've been supported by some great people recently, including so-called competitors! A new blog post: on mutual support


New Libro small business interview

My new freelance / small business interview with Cha from Large Cup Lingerie - yes, it's all about bras!


Need to know how to add short cuts to your Word Quick Access Menu? Especially for items buried deep within menus?


Today's Libro troublesome ... trio!

Today, a troublesome trio: palate, palette or pallet?


New Libro blog post - on presenteeism

Are you guilty of presenteeism, even if you're self-employed? (yes, it is a word!). Do share / discuss - I'll be interested to know people's thoughts on this topic!


New Troublesome Pair ... and more!

New Libro troublesome pair: historic or historical? (with a bonus explanation of geographic / geographical!)

But wait: there's more! I'm trying out Polls on my Facebook page. Do go and have a look:


New Libro blog post

New blog post - the second half of my article on how to use and personalise AutoCorrect in Word 2003, 2007 and 2010


A new Libro full time post

What DO I do all day? And is it all work-work-work, as people seem to think (erm, no)


New Libro troublesome pair

Today's Libro Troublesome Pair: then or than


New Libro freelancer chat post

I haven't put much on the blog this week as have had a big work project on the go. But I would never foresake my Saturdays! The new Libro small business chat is up! Meet @sarahgreenapple who helps rural businesses 


New small business post

Today's Libro small biz/freelancer chat: an editor who is learning about running a business not "just" freelancing


New Libro blog post

By popular request: how do I count the number of words in my Word document? you may wish to share this around ... 


New Libro troublesome pair

New Libro troublesome pair: expansive vs. expensive (yes, I have seen this one in real life!)


New Libro small business interview

Meet Sarah Rennie, who has turned her prediliction for writing "special letters" to companies with accessibility issues into a new career


New Libro troublesome pair

A totally yucky, but necessary, Troublesome Pair. Deep breath. Pus or puss. I know!!!


Three new book reviews

Book reviews: Sun City, The Corinthian, and The Wedding Wallah

New Libro blog post - on AutoCorrect

New blog post: AutoCorrect in Word (1) - what it is and where to find it (how to tailor it coming up next week!)


New Libro troublesome pair

Today's Troublesome Pair: Asterix vs. asterisk. And yes, this was a real example from something I edited ...


Libro Saturday business chat!

Today's Libro business chat is with Kathy Ennis, who has learned a lot and changed direction during her career!


New Libro Full Time blog post ...

I published a blog post about being Home Alone and a home worker yesterday


A new blog post: is it worth the stress? Really? - and ways to escape the stress, as I like to be helpful, too!

*** now the link works, too! ***


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